STs: The Bottom Line People

People who have “ST” in their type (ISTJs, ISTPs, ESTJs and ESTPs) are fact oriented and logical. They contribute to a team or project by focusing on the realities and the bottom line. 🗂📝


  • Interested in the “who” “what” “where” “when” and “why”
  • Asks “tell me what I need to know”
  • Like practical applications and details
  • Fact-oriented
  • Logical
  • Objective
  • Analytical
  • Focused on realities
  • Want to know expectations
  • Procedural and efficient

STs tend to approach life and work in an objective and analytical manner. They like to focus on realities and practical applications in their work.

They are often found in careers that require a technical approach to things, ideas, or people. STs are often found in business, management, banking, applied sciences, construction, producing, police, and the military. Careers like accountant, judge, repairperson, banker, insurance agent, lawyer, detective, paramedic, economist, security, or mechanic tend to appeal to STs. Note: STs can be successful in any job, but certain jobs may be more attractive than others.

They tend to be less interested in careers that require nurturing of others or attending to their growth and development. This is not to say that STs lack warmth, but it may not come as easily as other Types.

Are you an ST?

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