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You Got Personality is a community of people passionate about personality. ❤️

This community is for you if:

🤔 You can’t wait to figure out someone’s personality type shortly after meeting them.

👋 You love meeting new people interested in personality.

🧠 You’re interested in self-awareness, psychology and enjoying learn more about your own Type and the Type of others.

⚙️ You want to learn more about why people do the things we do.

Hi, I’m Sam!

Hi all, I’m Sam and welcome to You Got Personality! So glad you’re here.

I was first introduced to MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) in high school by my psychology teacher. I took the assessment, got ENFP as my result and haven’t stopped exploring my results! Throughout the years, I’ve taken different versions of the MBTI assessment (official and unofficial) and always get ENFP.

It’s a common misconception to assume that because your Type remains the same, that you haven’t CHANGED or experienced growth over time. If anything, knowing our type can help us grow more. If you’ve received different results on personality assessments, however, don’t worry, you’re in the right place to help you learn more.

MBTI provides incredibly useful language to discuss and analyze how and why we do what we do. Last year I decided to take my love for MBTI a step further and become an MBTI® Certified Practitioner. What an interesting experience! Becoming a practitioner has offered me opportunities to work with people and help them learn more about themselves through Type discovery.

My goal for You Got Personality is to make personality/MBTI more accessible to a broader audience, a useful tool for self-awareness and growth, and of course, fun! I enjoy creating graphics and blog posts with tips, information, scenarios and more. Suggestions for content always welcome.

I’m brand new to the online MBTI community and I’m inspired by the knowledge and network of peeps that love personality too. I’d love to meet YOU! If you want, introduce yourself in the comments, share your type (if you know it) and what you like most about MBTI and personality.

Introducing the MBTI Preferences

The MBTI instrument helps us identify our natural preferences in four areas called dichotomies – Extraversion or Introversion, Sensing or Intuition, Thinking or Feeling and Judging or Perceiving.

While we can learn to access and utilize each preference, we typically have one of each that feels more comfortable and automatic. This is how we come up with four letters that makes one’s personality type!

Extraversion & Introversion: How we direct and receive energy

People who prefer extraversion (E):

  • Direct their energy and attention outward
  • Energized by interacting with people and taking action

People who prefer introversion (I):

  • Direct their energy inward
  • Are energized by reflecting on their own and others’ ideas, memories and experiences

Sensing & Intuition: The way we take in information and the kind of information we like and trust

People who prefer Sensing (S):

  • Focus on present realities, verifiable facts and experiences

People who prefer Intuition (N):

  • Focus on future possibilities, the big picture and insights

Thinking & Feeling: The way we decide and come to conclusions

People who prefer Thinking (T):

  • Make their decisions based on impersonal, objective logic

People who prefer Feeling (F):

  • Make their decisions based on personal priorities, relationships and values

Judging & Perceiving: How we approach the outside world

People who prefer Judging (J):

  • Want the external world to be organized and orderly
  • Look at the world and see decisions that need to be made

People who prefer Perceiving (P):

  • Seek to experience the world, not organize it
  • Look at the world and see options that need to be explored

A Space for Personality Lovers: Coming Soon!

An exciting project is coming soon. If you want to be one of the first to get early access to the YGP Community, sign up here!

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