NTs: Possibilities for Systems People

People who have “NT” in their type (INTJs, INTPs, ENTJs and ENTPs), see future possibilities and analyze them logically. They contribute to a project or team by bringing long-term strategies and creative problem solving. 💡⚙️



  • Develops strategies for making systems work better
  • Analytical sees future possibilities
  • Logical and technical
  • Idea-focused
  • Critical
  • Values competence and expertise
  • Solves problems creatively
  • Strategic

NTs tend to approach life and work logically and objectively. They like to make use of their ingenuity to focus on possibilities, particularly possibilities that have a technical application.

They are often found in careers that require an impersonal and analytical approach to ideas, information and people. The sciences, law, computers, the arts, engineering, management, and technical work tend to appeal to NTs. This might include careers like architect, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, computer programmer, website development, professor, scientist, graphic designer, researcher, organizational psychologist, financial planner and more. Note: NTs can be successful in any job, but certain jobs may be more attractive than others.

NTs tend to be less interested in careers that require a warm, sympathetic, and hands-on approach to helping people. This is not to say that NTs lack warmth, but it may not come as easily as other Types.

Are you an NT?

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