NFs: The Possibilities for People People

NF types see the possibilities and potential in people. They contribute to a team or project by encouraging participation and providing insights for developing people. 🤗🔮


  • Sees potential and possibilities for people’s development and growth
  • Listeners and communicative
  • Abstract
  • Genuine
  • Idea-focused
  • Empowering
  • Warm and understanding
  • People-oriented
  • Encouraging
  • Enthusiastic

NFs tend to approach life and work in a warm and enthusiastic manner, and like to focus on ideas and possibilities, particularly “possibilities for people.”

They are often found in careers that require communication skills, a focus on the abstract, and an understanding of others. NFs are often found in the arts, the clergy, counseling and psychology, writing, education, research, and health care. Careers like therapist, artist, researcher, social scientist, teacher or professor, designer, writer, musician, counselor, communications, journalist, trainer or event planner tend to appeal to NFs. Note: NFs can be successful in any job, but certain jobs may be more attractive than others.

They tend to be less interested in careers that require an impersonal or technical approach to things and factual data.

Are you an NF?

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