Getting the Message Across: MBTI Communication Styles

Communication is something we do every day whether we’re conscious of it or not. It comes in many forms – sometimes we communicate with others, sometimes it’s communicating with ourselves. We use speech, body language, writing, expressions, different languages, code words, etc. – even “the unsaid.”

How do the different preferences communicate?

Each letter has a different and preferred way of communicating, and being aware of each preference can help us be better communicators. How can we ensure that we get the message across? Will people understand what we’re trying to express? Let’s try to understand the needs of the different preferences!

🗣 Extraverts want opportunities for discussion

💭 Introverts want time to reflect

📋 Sensors want the relevant facts and details

🖼 Intuitives want the big picture, the broader strokes

⚙️ Thinkers want the rationale and logic

👩‍❤️‍👩 Feelers want to know the impact on people

📝 Judgers want to know the focus and action steps

🌊 Perceivers want room for flexibility

When these letters work together to create our Type, certain letters will “rise to the top” for our preferred mental processes that differ for each type, also called cognitive functions.

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